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‘The Mother of all Jobs’

I recently read an outstanding book that I think you might love. ‘The Mother of all Jobs’ is an excellent book about the challenges (to put it mildly!) and delights that come with juggling work-life with kid-life.  Brilliantly written by Christine Armstrong, it’s...

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The Education Champion!

I recently sat down with a cuppa to talk to another wonderful Grandmother. I wanted to continue exploring parenting experiences over the generations. This time I spoke to Valerie and her story is quite something!  Valerie’s story is all about the power of education to...

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Wisdom from a Grandmother

I have spent a lot of time experiencing, thinking and reading about the challenges of modern parenting. It occurred to me that I’ve made a lot of assumptions that parenting is a totally different experience to what it used to be. I thought I’d test out that...

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Big Transitions

My youngest daughter is just about to celebrate her fourth birthday.  Is it just me, or does this feel like an unexpected yet huge milestone to every parent? In the last few days she suddenly seems to be so much more talkative, articulate and opinionated. She’s...

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Fitting together the jigsaw

The pieces of the jigsaw for working parents can often seem like an impossible puzzle that just won't fit together.   Firstly, there's meeting the cost of childcare.  This is on the rise from high demand, now that more parents are in paid work and for longer hours. ...

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Slow Parenting Tips

  I’m a working mum with two girls, aged seven and three.  I hate structure and routine. I really hate it!  My husband’s the same. We both love spontaneity and when it’s not there we quickly feel trapped, like we have become passive passengers on life’s journey...

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The kids just keep moving on!

I was talking to some parents recently about the challenges of childcare.  The thing that struck me most was that, just when we think we’ve got it sorted, our kids move on and need something new!   It reminded me of those really early days with a new-born.  You...

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Argh! I don’t know what I’m doing!

When I started My Kids Village it was that nervous, excited feeling.  I was totally out of my depth.  I wanted to get going, but had no idea about how to make it happen.  A few good people around me gently pushed and encouraged me to take the leap.  I had no...

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